Monday, 5 November 2007

Primary Plimsouls

2 new tracks for my first post in a month (!)

First up, wired down from Brizzle is Don't Panic by the youthful Plimsouls.

Plimsouls makes 8bitty, fun electro/bloghouse, full of catchy synth repetitions and propelling drum rhythms- and the feeling Don't Panic inspires is certainly pleasant and exciting, if a bit frenzied, like video games and too much sugar as a kid.

Plimsouls - Don't Panic

Next, expect big things from Primary 1. " Pop music for you and your fammiles to enjoy" as the Myspace says, they are signed to Phantasy Sound, the same labal that recently released the massive LA Priest song Engine, including the even bigger Erol remix. Outside is similarly well produced, fresh sounding and indeed a great pop song, a slick blend of disco/house/electro/pop/funk that catches you somewhere between head noddin' and hip gyrating'. You'll love it, I'm quite sure.

Primary 1 - Outside (Demo)

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