Thursday, 13 March 2008

New and Future releases

Saw the Mystery Jets play a free gig at Exeter Uni yesterday - and I'm really liking their new stuff. Twenty One is released "very soon indeed" and they've taken a great direction with it. Their new stuff uses all the talents of the band - Blaine's haunting voice (flecked with a hint of vibrato, reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, though he still very much has his own unique style) on Flakes, William's voice and songwriting talents on Young Love, the counter edge that Kai's voice brings and some beautiful bass riffs, especially on 'Half in Love with Elizabeth'. We were treated to an exclusive half and half acoustic/electric version of that particular song when the audience couldn't choose between the version they wanted to hear. They also plucked a yoing lady from the crowd to sing laura Marling's part on Young Love - and despite the fact that the lady in question confessed she 'couldn't sing at all' - she got up on stage and gave it a great go and at the same time created a truly magic moment.

It was fantastic to see a band playing such new material at a time when they're still revelling in the quality of the songs they've just written. There was a genuine enjoyment and freshness to their playing that no doubt begins to wain once the album is released. And they're such nice lads too - you got a real sense of ego-lessness which made a warm, intimate atmosphere.

We met them before when they DJed at Lofi Hifi and there was no sense of fame going to their heads then - and nothing's changed. Unrelated really, but I also once had sex in the same room as Kai. Fact. Not with Kai may I point out. And the atmopshere was intimate then too. they've just got it going on.

Great pop songs, and I have my fingers crossed that the rest of the album is as good as the tracks I've heard.

head to the myspace for a listen.

I know I always go on about Carl Craig - but very excited about the Carl Craig Sessions CD just released. As Phonica says
New double CD collection highlighting why Carl Craig is one of the best remixers & producers in the world. 23 tracks from classic techno tracks to recent 2007 remixes (a lot of which have been only available on vinyl!) - its only when you see them all here in one place, that you realise how prolific & consitent he is"

I rarely dare play out the Like A Child remix - It's such a great tune - but in the way that his brand of techno is it's quite a subtle brilliance - it has to be dropped at the right time in a set, when everyone's really into the music - or the kind of crowd who'd really appreciate this kind of stuff - in short supply in Exeter sadly.

Anyway - this track is an anthem in the making:
Francesco Tristano - The Melody (Carl Craig Remix)

The album is out now and at £13.99 I will be getting myself a copy very soon. review will follow.

Also worth a mention:

As the promoters have said:

"It's all happening in a beautiful 600-man private space (good for all the smokers amongst you) with massive projections and other quirks and performances in an accessible East London warehouse. On top of this it's a very reasonable £5 a head with option to bring your own booze. However, there will be a fully stocked bar in the venue should you find yourself without a drink."

BYO + smoking + Nathan Fake = unmissable

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