Saturday, 17 May 2008

Filthy 22 Grand Team Penetration


Currently working exhausting 55 hour weeks so not a lot of time for blogging let alone promoting Lofi/moving house/finding a new house in London/finding a job/sorting my life out, so excuse the silence.

Very excited as just found out that the last Lofi of the year - and 7 out of the 8 Lofi lot's probable last ever Lofi sob sob - will be with the up-and-coming, guitar-and-bleep dancefloor destroyers, remix junkies, DJs and poducer extrordinaire's Filthy Dukes.

They hit Lofi June 11th - and it is a welcome treat for those in Exeter 'vibing' the guitar-house/electro/bloghouse thing, as few up-and-coming bands of that ilk make it this far down the country.

They arrive at Lofi fresh from razzmatazz in Barcelona, which i had the pleasure of visiting last Christmas time, and can be seen at Glasto, Field Day, Global Gathering this summer and AITBF at Fabric regularly (which if I'm informed correctly they also run - AITBF that is not fabric haha) as well as at our friend's Jac The Discos night Last One In's a Rotten Egg in Camberwell (which in fact is probably happening as I write this (how unfair that I'm here in bed on a saturday night too exhausted to go out to a mediocre indie disco in Exeter when I could be out in Camberwell - moan moan moan - that is why Im moving to London...anyway))

So, they're hotly tipped peeps. Their debut single 'This Rhythm' features vocals from Samuel Dust of Late Of The Pier and sits as happily as a dance floor destroyer as it does accessible pop song. Layered 80s synth bleeps are compelled by a scuzzy saw bassline and made instantly rememberable by the breezy chord sequence and catchy vocals. This reminds me of the Chemical Brothers in its refusal to alienate either dance music enthusiasts or radio 1 daytime listeners, as well as the quiet euphoria it invites.

Filthy Dukes - This Rhythm // Buy.
The Rakes - 22 Grand Job (Filthy Dukes Society Remix)

Got a Myspace add from Team Penetration the other day, and was greatly impressed by a very head-noddable, fast moving, freeform take on the disco/electro/indie thing. Team Penetration don't seem to fuck around, so to say; they bang straight into siren like guitar riffs, assertive, opinionated lyrics delivered with the force of telling you not asking you, with all the swagger (and some of the intonation) of Ian Brown. That, plus at his most angry think TV preacher man possesed by the ghost of Johnny Rotten (ok, hes not dead, yet anyway (incidentally the chef at work said he saw the Pistols play a few years back and after a black guy in the crowd repeatedly threw a bottle at Lydon he got on the mic and instructed 'Skin The N****r lads' as 20 skinheads set into him - fucked up huh? Anyway, incidental comment - this isn't anything to do with Team Penetration)) calling you a cunt.

So after the myspace listen I was duly intrigued and messaged asking for a track to blog. They courteously obliged, and here we are:

Team Penetration - Guitars Are Overrated

[21/5 - Edit: These boys are now called Drop Like Bombs -]



This is the video for the new Young Knives video which was partly recorded when they played at Lofi @ Cavern earlier in the year:

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