Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Return of the Mashup

Bestival is over -

Had an incredible time [giant scrabble (KETAMINA!)/bollywood rave massive/costumes/rainrainrain/pear cider/rain/mud/MBV noise fest/parliament-funkadelic/touche killing it/fakeblood-a bit patchy-super sharp shooters-machines don't care multi-drop/justin robertson killing it/latenight sugahill madness/roni size killing it/thali kitchen love/maze/jew lewis wearing his rucksack on stage/beardyman on form/mud wrestling/salsa dancing/EROL killing it/A.N.N.I.E. killing it/born slippy giant helium balloons and firework euphoric finale/...... to name but a few highlights]....

but it has left me just a bit poorly (to work's apparent chagrin). I was sick on the coach over to the ferry, which was a low low point (apologies to all my fellow passengers) The ferry/walk/train/tube/tube/train/walk wasn't much better, but worth it. And a forgotten visit from my mum (who gave me some real TLC and support) and a surprise visit from my lovely friend Kate Stanley today helped me out no end. And the news I recieved whilst at bestival that I became an uncle (welcome Eva Daisy Wigzell!) certainly helped.

on point again... I'd thought that the mashup was on the wane, but someone's set (I'm afraid the details escape me... let me know if you were there) in the Bollywood Bar on Friday included several brilliant dancehall/bashment/hip-hop mashups that signalled to me the rebirth of the mashup. I mean, it's just great fun. Not one for the chinstroking blogstarr, but when five hours into a festival, pear cider in hand, in a jumping tent it is absolutely perfect.

In celebration here's a re-edit of an old favourite mashup of mine wot I made, and a new one. I have to confess they're both a little simply done - certainly not masterpieces, but I think they do the trick.

Justice Vs Beastie Boys - Intergalactic Waters

Benga Vs Basement Jaxx - Where's Your 26 Basslines?

Haven't got any photos yet! So the above is a Paint representation of the affair.

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