Friday, 29 May 2009

Something like a robot disaster

As I've been a bad blogger recently (and have the attention span of a goldfish on ketamine) have decided to experiment with 'tweet' (shudder) sized copy for each track.


Something Like Fire - supported us (St. Francis) at Camden gig recently. V. promising hummable indie meets LFO filter basslines and classic electronic drum sounds. Digitally re-hashed post-Libs hooks blasted from a bedroom-tech noise-core cannon*. (Obviously)

Something Like Fire - Mr. Shadow

A band that I posted ages ago have apparently got quite a bit bigger (it was about time I scored a 'I recognise talent a furlong off' coup). Check out Robot Disaster's myspace, or go here to download 'Guitars are Overrated' for free (though, ahem, I think you can maybe still download it from one of my old old posts). They're getting lots of attention from radio etc, and you can buy their stuff on beatport. Plus they have a super-swanky myspace. Not all the tracks stand up to 'Guitars....', depending on what you're into, but they're def perky. (failing so miserably to maintain this 'tweet' haiku discipline already)

Check out this video:

On our recent Italian mini-tour we happened to be playing prior to the Italian equivalent of a guilty pleasures club night, with DJs playing brilliant 80s euro pop. This is one nugget they pointed us towards.


Couple of remixes sent my way - the jury's still out, but worth a listen.

Passion Pit- Sleepyhead (JazZstePpa Remix) MP3 320KBps
Deft - Emotion, Get Up ! (w/ 50 Cent) (EmoShock MashUp)

* I realise now that I don't lack attention span, I'm just chronically verbose.

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