Monday, 21 September 2009

Psychadelic shoe gaze, dreamy electronica, riot grrl, bubblegum pop and progressive electro.

This looks pretty good:

Teengirl Fantasy bring their dreamy electronica, for one of only a handful of London dates. Arch M, plays a bleepy shoe-gaze psychadelica, with a clever Motown flavour, and Trailer Trash Tracys are first on - a band I really like - bringing a classic shoe-gaze sound - distant vocals and thick, ethereal sounds, with a very London-now sound.

Free mp3 from the band's website:

Trailer Trash Tracys - Candy Girl (Demo)

More tracks to listen to and download:

Fellow Merok-ers Comanechi release their album Crime of Love on Dec 7th. It's already sounding pretty exciting. Strong Riot Grrl and hardcore vibes.

Merok are also giving away a free mp3 of Comanechi's Close Enough To Kiss/ On and On, remixed by US Psych-ravers Basketball. >>>>>

Comanechi - Close Enough To Kiss/On and On (Basketball)

I also want one of their cool Tees:

This is also - of course - going to be sweeet:

This is what Bugged Out! had to say:

" Boys Noize will be playing a two hour set that will include many of the albums tracks played on CDJ’s using separate parts for live edits – a more kinetic experience preferred by Ridha than using a laptop. He has also picked fellow Germans Smith’n’Hack to play live alongside his mate and BNR artist Housemeister. Room 2 is helmed by Riton and Stopmakingme."

Tickets here

Also, a mention for the brilliant, funny and deeply charming No Cars.

Kyoko, wife of Ben, ex-St Francis, plays drums for them.

No Cars means 'farmers' in Japanese, and they have an obsession with songs about food.

Their cleverly faked bad English doesn't hide the gravity of their wit, as they play off of the Japenese stereotype. Oh, and they have synchronised dancing.

When they supported us a few months ago they wore kimonos, had a music stand with wacky illustrations for each song, and were pushing their merchandise, No Kazoos

I have a No Kazoo. It was worth every penny of £2.

Their music is a delightful mix of bubblegum rock and roll and chaotic 3-chord punk. The music is simple. The lyrics are simple. The tunes are fantastic, catchy and bloody fun. Then they will throw in a tender post-punk number, and break your heart. "No Cars, we are No Cars..." I challenge anyone to dislike this.

Like all good entertainers, you feel in the presence of people wittier and more inventful than you are.

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