Monday, 2 November 2009

...and now for Something Completely Filthy.

Been a while since I've posted any straight-up, dancefloor-dominating, siren-blaring, hectic electro.

The excellent Scatterblog is now a fully flegded blog/label hybrid, giving away a load of top quality music for absolutely FREE.

Upcoming releases include: Edu K (out december 5th), Dubbel Dutch, Dirtybeats, Slap & Dash ft Spoek, Cumbia Cosmonauts, Lewis CanCut and Tranterco

Check out the following offering. FILTHYyyyy.

Matt Cant, Scattermish - Hornbo (Sticky K Remix)

Then head to for the original track plus a load more remixes, PLUS a load more free music.

Or go here to buy the record.

Also, new Don Diablo track remixed by Mason was sent over my way.

Check it out:

Don Diablo - Never Too Late (Mason Remix)

Plus this cheeky number:


According to the press-release, "
'Too Cool For Amsterdam Bitch' is a cheeky bootleg by Hugo van Dyck based on Don Diablo's 'Too Cool For School', which proved to be quite the DJ weapon during the recent Amsterdam Dance Event, where it spread like wildfire among many of the world's biggest DJs and became one of the festival's biggest tunes. As a result, Don Diablo has now asked Hugo van Dyck to do an official remix of his forthcoming dancefloor smash 'I am not from France'."

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