Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Eat, Drink, Neon Summer

*** A scene from Lofi last Weds, 7th Feb. An amazing night that saw people queuing around the block and some serious dancing getting done, plus the excellent Right Turn Left putting in a great last minute show after the big, secret band the Cavern organised pulled out. And from what I was told they were going to be very big. Oh well, we had a class night without them, and this is my favourite photo what I did take. *******

First up -

On a Myspace journey one day I came across this beauty. Couldn't get it out of my head for days.


Mr Beasley - Neon [Larkin Out]

Next up-

On a Wikipedia journey, in a similar way to above, was looking up Electro Clash to find out a bit more about the begginings of that odd genre, and found this band who joyfully defy the electroclash tag and instead play driven, chase-your-own-tale electro-punk. Very much reminds me of Yeah Yeah Yeahs stuff. This song I absolutely love and keep playing at Lofi in an effort to get it initiated. They're touring as well apparently at the moment, so go see!


Motormark - Eat, Drink, Sleep, Think


This is the work of one Will Tatterstill, who is Exeter face, Video Games Editor for Expose (student paper) and multi-instrumental nu-folk wizard. He is also doing the music for The Princess Bride, as mentioned below. It opens tomorrow, and the music for it is amazing. I love his voice. It's Brum via Milwaukee. Bits of the Violent Femmes in there. And the occasional splash of synth and vocoder in other places. He also collaborates on this song with Max, who is also doing PB music. He can be found at the North Bridge Inn (a fantastic drinking venue in Exeter) regularly. Myspace.

That's Will (FaceOmeter) in the background, Max in foreground.

FaceOmeter - Song for the Summer

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