Friday, 2 February 2007

A Midlands twang in the SW

Coming soon to a Lofi event near you:

Hopefully we're getting these two lovely sets of boys and girls to do a joint show for us in the next couple of months.
What this challenge is.

Of The

His middle name (ish)

Sorry, that is very silly.

Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle

Based in Nottingham and hotly hotly tipped for bigger things. Not sure what else to say. We play them in Lofi. This song is very very catchy and you will probably hum it all week. Myspace

and, all the way from the Brum,

Johnny Foreigner - Say It When Yr Sober

Johnny Foreigner - Yr All Just Jealous [link no good, sorry. But it's on the myspace]

A sample from their list of musical interests:

"....we'regayforSunset Cinema Club, Paper Chase, that night kelly showed the academy her arse, talking the proverbial shit, Wedding Present, Teenage Fanclub, Jeff Buckley, Desaparecidos, Calexico, your dad, sorry alexei likes (sleeper), K, Dexys Midnight Runners, the "reimagined" battlestar galactica, Elastica, The Go! Team, Duran Duran, Wow And Flutter, Matmos, Crimson Curse...."

If that doesn't make you listen to the mp3 I'm not sure what will.

The Go! Team, Jeff Buckley and your dad. Yes, that's actually exactly what they sound like. Go ahead... have a listen.


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