Monday, 19 March 2007

Best band names?

I'd like to hear any contenders you have... the only rule being they have to be real bands....

My initial input is this:

'Edith bunker's demonized vomit insurance

whose release is called 'never rape your friend's corpse on a thursday'



Bring it on......

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Tom said...


I do enjoy a rubbish band name.

A few suggestions (these are all really bands......)

MC Vagina
Guns N Rosa Parks
Tom Cruise Control
Magic Gravy
Fuck Start Your Face
Farm Accident
The Fucking Ocean

and my personal favourite, Here Comes Old Vodka Tits.

Bands like Sunset Rubdown make me feel slightly uncomfortable though.
Even something like Keane, or the Arctic Monkeys, or even The Beatles, could be included....

Keep up the good work!