Friday, 16 March 2007

Deep breath ... now imagine how much fun this would be...

Welcome to the incredible conecpt of the Ipod Battle

These rules are essentially stolen from the Mystery Jets blog (see left). Anyway, imagine this at Lofi Hifi... it should be.... a night of the people..... And they can play Vive Le Fette five times in a row if they like (ouch!). Who's game???!

People come together, shout for your right to play your own music! To be eccentric! To be DIY! To show off or to reveal the terrible musical taste behind your chic facade! Think Coolio, Zig n Zag, Ant N Dec, Less Than Jake, NIN, Jay Z etc (what Ollie plays most weeks anyway! lol) It'll be messy, emotional and vicious.

"-Teams (comprising of two or three people) get a minute to sonically stamp thier oponents into the dirt, without the use of mixing or effects. Just a plain old ipod.
-The two teams in the ring (a real boxing ring) battle it out, back and forth until a horn is sounded at the end of the 20 minute-long round.
-Using a decibelometer the referee measures the crowds' reaction to each teams' performance.
-Competition is evened out by allowing each team an equal amount of seats in the ringside.
-The team with the more applause stay on to the next round where a new opponent faces them in the ring.
-And the prize? ipod? "

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Do it.