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REVIEW: [matter] SMD+Lindstrom+Riton+Foamo+Dusty Kid

What does 20 quid buy these days? Jellied eels and mash for both sets of grandparents. 13 tracks on Beatport (Creditcrunch eh Beatport? - 'Creditcrunch', incidentally, should become a genre, perhaps some kind of post-apocalyptic jackin' goth-grime). Half a posh ticket to see Pussycat Dolls' 'Doll Domination' Live at the O2. 1/7th of a Bestival ticket. Enough to secure a winning bid on a 1-1/2"BLK BADA$$$ LEATHER WRIST CUFF Matara Watch NYC on Ebay.
1/100th of a boob job. Probably.

Well it gets you entrance to Matter, London's newest super club, apparently.

The 'dream venue' created by the Fabric team, Matter embraces the bands n' DJs ethos of Fabric, whilst aiming to supercede it with it's world-class sound and lighting (upgrading the 'bodysonic' floor in Fabric with a 'bodykinetic floor here - which to most of us means drums pounding away in the floor!), and take advantage of the purpose built space to give unhindered sight lines to the stage from any location, huge bars and plenty of space to move around.

Walking through the O2 to get there however almost squeezed every ounce of soul out of the venture, as the streets of 'dreamtime boulevard', or whatever the fake street ringing the nil-two should be called, were lined with identi-kit chain restaurants and bars - all trying so very very hard to look vibrant and real, and failing so miserably that the corporate brief may as well be enlarged 700 hundred times and nail gunned to the 'rain weathered effect' teak exteriors, which will never ever see a day of rain in their lives.

As Phill and Jim put it best, the kind of place a sad guy with no imagination takes his girlfriend for a date.

It took a while to get over this, and the sting of the 20 quid entrance fee, but it really is a great club.

All marble (or marble effect), spacious, tea lights glimmering everywhere, DJ booth not too aloof (you can peek in at what's going on) a large balcony, nicely hidden second room (which could be the place where the real shit goes down at future nights) huge, accessible smoking area, THE bodykinetic dancefloor (ok, I was expecting slightly more from it, but perhaps when the bass bighitters come to town it'll be pushed to the max) and most of all just very good music.

Was most excited to hear Foamo - very young and very new to the scene - but as these things go only caught a couple of tracks, but those sounded mighty, and the crowd were definitely feeling him. SMD erred on the side of experiemental, which I really liked - lots of pulsing, grinding electro and disco, with a smattering of big tunes, all swathed in a bubble of upbeatness, which was great for a brand new club, and the atmosphere was genuinely really pleasant as a result.

At one point Crookers were being played in both rooms - which made me laugh, and proof of just how big they are now.

I would really recommend checking it out if you can - try and forget about the location (though they offer an 'oyster compatible boat ride' everyhalf an our - I mean more the fact that it's in the 02) and try and get there on a night when it's cheap/fabric first/you know a friend on the inside who can get you guestlist.

Drums of Death - Breathe! (Curses Remix)

Also get your ears around this:

Headshotboyz - Detector

Strange, twisting, staggering fidget-opera.

A bit about them:

"We are Headshotboyz from Budapest, Hungary, we have upcoming releases on Crux Records (NY)(with Stereoheroes, Bryan Cox, Toxic Avenger, Gaetan, MKXTC...), Sick Recordings (CHI), Electric Sushi (South Africa) and a remix on Palms Out Sounds"

And check out their excellent mix:

Headshotboyz - The Dolphins Will Never Die (October Mixtape):

1. Richard Dinsdale - Sniffin
2. Stereoheroes - Washout (Headshotboyz Remix)
3. Shinichi Osawa - Detonator (Herve's uxb Remix)
4. Laidback Luke, Roman Salzger - Generation Noise feat. Boogshe
5. Frank Sinatra - New York New York (Chew Fu fix)
6. Destroy Disco - But I Ain't
7. Fentura - Live It (Klaas Dub)
8. Headshotboyz - Elvis
9. Mightyfools - Super Sexy
10. Micky Slim - Hit The Club (Stupid Fresh Remix)
11. Digital Manges - Give Me A Reason (Headshotboyz Remix)
12. Mystery Jets - Half In Love With Elizabeth (Foamo Remix)
13. Larry Tee feat. Christopher Just - Get Your Grind On
14. Stupid Fresh - Get The Fuck Up feat. Stellar MC (Bass Kleph Remix)
15. Pomomofo - Back at the Club (Boy 8-bit Remix)
16. Ed Kane, Will Bailey - Will & Ed's Excellent Adventure
17. Santiago & Bushido - Got That

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