Friday, 24 October 2008


I dearly love a new genre - and the more niche and silly the better - and so when Dean Lofi pointed me in the direction of Aquacrunk, I was not to be dissapointed!

Essentially, Aquacrunk is Glaswegian Electronica-Crunk. Which of course inevitably misses the mark, explaining nothing, thus qualifying the exsitence of the genre title. Aquacrunk makes the crunk link clear, and gives a 'feeling' of what the sound is really like, but in essence a new genre like this needs a silly name to act as signifier for the music itself.

Listening to Rustie - my first impression is of just a glitchy, experiemental hip-hop. Is this was those in the know would call Electronica Crunk (with a Glaswegian twist?), or is this just hopeful scene alchemy? (and if it is, is there anything wrong with this??).

As already stated, I love a good new genre, but it occurs to me - as it does to most people commenting on the Gurdian article below - that this is really just one guy producing this stuff. Maybe this would test even my generous scene-leanings?

But thinking back to any 'scene' picked up by the media in its early days, there's nearly always several other artists already echoing the sound by the time it reaches the ears of the (underground) masses.

The article explains it all very neatly, and Rustie's myspace contains several of his tracks, so head on over and decide for yourself if we face the next 'new-rave', or a one-city phenomenon that will remain a brief tangent amongst the swathes of electronic music out there.

Guardian Article on aquacrunk and Rustie

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