Wednesday, 12 November 2008

More Aquacrunk, some Fromage Disco re-edits, Foamo Rockerman remix cos why not,

Firstly to bring to your attention the comment left by Mole below in response to my Aquacrunk post. He said:

" absurd yes, one man no. check out flying lotus, hudson mohawke, dabrye and those of that ilk for more of the same..."

Have checked out Flying Lotus, who is based Stateside, and he's making some diverse noises. He asserts himself with phat dubby/junglist electronica with an old school hip hop flavour, before crossing over into 8-bitty drum-burn, through spine-tingling female vocals with muted polyphonic synths (on Auntie's Lock Infinitum), and it's pretty exciting, and certainly wildly eclectic, stuff. Something to appeal to a lot of niche music fans.

Flying Lotus Myspace

Quite different, but arguably connected is Rustie's fellow 'Wegian, Hudson Mohawke.
The sound is a lot more British, and despite my first impression being Eletronica-Smooooooth-Groove (on Still On It, at least) more than Crunk, I could stretch to accept the latter as a loose term. His Myspace calls him Emotronica/Emotronica - which, whilst added with his tongue no doubt firmly in his cheek - describes him curtly. At times like Death Cab jamming on an MPC and an old 78 player,with DJ Shadow having a bubble bath with Nathan Fake and Cloud Dead in the corner, before the lot of them get drunk on Cava and head down Oceana to get their thang' on. (excuse the exuberent over-extended-flog-it-for-all-it's-worth-metaphor, sometimes you just get carried away).

His myspace boasts some BIG tunes anyway, and when not doing the unexpected he manages to squeeze in hook after hook. Just check out 'Zooo0o0Oo0m (or whatever it's called) on his Myspace. Massive.

Hudson Mohawke Myspace

Next up -

Some tasty disco re-edits by Fromage Disco.

Fromage Disco was started as a club night 2 years ago by Nate B and Dr Disconyx in Melbourne, Australia. They specialise in disco house nu/old disco, and have been 'churning out' re-edits for some time now. A couple of their best:

The Supreme's - High Energy (Fromage Mother Edit)

Hall and Oats - I can't go for that (Fromage Yacht Rock edit)


Next -

It's seen a lot of exposure, but I was reminded of this as my good friends in Exeter had managed to bag Foamo for their new night Bangers and Tash at The Amber Rooms on Nov 20th. And it's a class record.

Foamo - Rockerman (Lee Mortimer Remix)

Another strong Lee Mortimer remix (in full 320 glory)

TJR - Sonic Chronic (Lee Mortimer Remix)

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