Thursday, 4 January 2007

Disko Ja? vs Disko Nein? Vol. 1

As a new season of mid-week-lofi-apre-ski-discos begins in the ski resort of Cav de Vern, the question is upon us:

Disko Ja? order Disko Nein?

Would these tracks get the people dancing or get them guffawing into their vodka cokes?

Let the people of East Devon speak:

1) Les Georges Leningrad - Sponsorships (zshare)
A danceable slice of *no-wave*ish mayhem. Filthy, repetitive bassline. Mostly incomprehensible yelps (good/bad?). Cowbell and something that sounds only like a Yorkshire Terrier under a turntable. I'm thinking yes. But is it too obscure for some? Myspace (particuarly have a look at Mammal Beats)

2) The Ending Of... - A Birthday Girl (zshare)
Very 80s sounding indie rock n' roll with gothy elements, bit of interpol in there. Chugs along very well - pacey, regular, catchy. But enough to keep the dancefloor packed? Influences include: o Public IMAge LtD o ThE CramPs o iNterPOL o DfA 1979 o Gang oF fOUr o nIck CAve & tHe BAd SeedS oThe Eighties Matchbox b-line Disaster oTake ThAt
Have a look at their myspace.

3) Shitdisco - Disco Blood (zshare)
Odd, angular beggining, including evil-cat hiss noises, which then kicks off into this driving, disco-horror beauty, plus post-punky snare rolls. And vocals by a man who sounds like he runs the ghost-train at the fair. Un-nerving, but assured. Myspace (maybe Reactor Party instead?)

Please choose the one you think should get played to the baying discoteque masses!