Thursday, 25 January 2007

This evening...

From misty dancefloor to hands-in-the-air mayhem. Was a great night - despite exams, despite the cold, despite it being the end of semester.... proof that if the music's good then the people will show up and throw some excellent angular shapes. Cheers to everyone who came.... see Myspace for more photos.

This is how I opened my set - my mash up wot i made... my very first. I think the music's a bit too low in the mix, but hey, it went off royally this evening.

Justice VS Beastie Boys - Waters of Nazareth (Erol Alkan re-edit) Vs Intergalactic (Pzell Mashup)


Andy said...

Result. You read my mind. Was going to as for this after you played it the other week.

Tom said...

Good job. Enjoyed this sooo much. I am expecting more good things from the trusty Lofi Hifi. It just seems to deliver time after time.

Ever thought about mashing up Hello by N.W.A. with Just Died In Your Arms Tonight by Air Supply? Or maybe some Motley Crue? It just could work. or not.

I'm loving the new blog. Who's even writing it? Who knows?