Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Porsche of the doctor choked by crab of blood

Last night whilst DJing for the excellent Tom Lillywhite's single release party someone recommended I listen to the Protoypes. Which i did.
They are a French, 60s influenced electro-pop outfit based in Paris, and from what I heard I rather like them.

And even better turns out their EP is available to download for free!

Being the thorough research-simian I am, I translated the words from one of their songs using Babelfish. I think something was lost in translation but who knows:

"sea urchins in the eyes one trépane, one trépane
Porsche of the doctor choked by crab of blood
on the ice-barrier a price on all the range
a bull which enlise of vomit in the flames "

The best song on the EP is definitely the title track, Je ne te connais pas.
It has one of those rare intros where you go 'Yes!' this is what pop music should be - scuzzy, punchy, simple and beefy (which may be the same as punchy). Garage punk rock for ya VW golf, or summint. Or for rollerskating too. Hard not to nod your head and start tapping your feet - I bet you can't resist...

The rest of the EP is not quite as good but still very worth a listen. I find the agressive French lyrics get a bit much on track 3 - a little Europop, but then that's probably my prejudice, not their problem.


Prototypes - Je Ne te Connais

Whole EP from Minty records website: Je ne te connais pas (Zip)

On a completely different note wanted to post some Weston.

Weston are one of my favourite bands, and I discovered them when I was back in high school sat on my computer with the slow, late 90s modem connection trying to get songs off of Napster before the connection failed/Napster got sued. At the time I think I loved that they were obscure (I'm sure they're not - you can buy the record at lots of punk-ish record shops- but I've never met another Weston fan) and I think I still like that about them. I first learnt bass guitar to some of these songs as well, sat in my room a year or two later, waiting to go out on a Friday night to the Bassment for Dust (must have been 15? Kids these days have it well harder!). They make this great pop-punk that's also sensitive in a tangent-of-90s emotional-hardcore-scene sort of way, but also largely influenced by the Pixies. It's all about getting beaten up at school, being cheated on and, er, Liz Phair.


Weston - Got Beat Up

Weston - Retarded
Weston - Teenage Love Affair

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