Thursday, 3 May 2007


Hmm, hmm.

Was sent this promo mp3 the other day by a guy at Beggars Banquet.

I rather like it. Very electro, very indie.

In one overblown sentence, I'd say they were bleeping singalong 2012 robot indie regimented by thudding franco-electro beats, but with vocally, clipped, syncopated Shoreditch delivery and a massive hint of Suede in the chorus.

Yes, it does look like I want to work for NME. But I rejoice in describing music as quirkily as possible. I think the classic 'don;t try and pigeon-hole me' is pretentious rubbish, and that how you describe a band is part of the fun/part of how you hear about a band. Plus how can bands break away from genres unless these genres are already set?

Anyway, music:

mp3: To My Boy - Model

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