Thursday, 17 May 2007


When I was 15, I was luck enough to see Rage Against the Machine at the Leeds Festival, in what was to be one of their last few ever gigs. Without exaggeration that 45 mins was amongst the highlights if my life. It was awesome. I would never ever deify a band, but Rage are the one exception to that rule, and no band excites me in the way Rage did and still do.

Self Titled is still my favourite album, and I still dance around my room to them as though I was 15.

When I heard they were reforming for one gig, I was dumbdfounded, but accepted that I'd never make it to the US to see them. But watching some video footage of it just now, I sorely wish I had. The atmosphere looks incredible. Take a look at the footage below of them coming on stage. The excitment in the crowd is unbelievable. People are going crazy.

I'm deeply jealous, and even felt myself welling up (I'm generally pretty stoic on the emotional literacy front).

7 years on from seeing Rage at Leeds and I must have danced to this next song an endless number of times at indie-discos. I'd reckon it must be in the hundreds at least. It has amongst the most iconic intros in popular music, and can still get a crowd (even a neoned-up, asymetrical haircut indie crowd) moshing in a flash. So seeing them playing it on film, only a week or so ago, makes it something magic.

And finally some better quality footage.

My friend Tom Greed was there too. I hate him. :)


Andy said...

This began doing the rounds last week if youve not picked it up.

Lofi Hifi said...

Cheers Andy,

I heard it last night actually but attributed to Mr Oizo. I can't tell, could be massive, though there's lots of purests out there who'll hate it I'm sure. Was the logical step though after Erol included the original in all his sets last summer.

Andy said...

Aye, there seems to be somewhat of a debate as to SebastiAn/Mr Oizo. SebastiAn has been dropping it, but its shown up on mixes attributed to both.

Either way, an absolute stonker. Look forward to hopefully hearing it played out.