Sunday, 13 May 2007

The Paper Chase

The above image is the delightful front cover to the album 'now you are one of us' by The Paper Chase, the headliners at Lofi Hifi tomorrow night.

I've posted a track from the album below, and after a few listens I'm really taken with this particular tune.

The compulsary comparison sees them sitting somewhere between Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse - taking the the epic orchestration of the former and combining it with the pounding rhythms and clever vocal hooks of the latter. They also drop delightful harmonies and jarring discordance in unexpected places, giving the track a real sense of progression.

Other tracks available to hear at the wesbite see a strong take on Fugazi's brand of hardcore forged with the exciting, angular outbursts of no-wave and more relentless, pleading lead vocals.

The Paper Chase - we know where you sleep

The gig is £5/6 I think, then free after the bands. One you won't regret attending though. Plus the usual electro and guitars free-for-all from the Lofi residents afterwards. Doors at 8.

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